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If interested in purchasing 20+ chicks, read the information below first and then submit the order form:

This bulk purchase option is available for $2 chicks (straight-run hatchlings) only.


Pick-up or delivery date will be AT LEAST 22 days after order has been placed. Once you are provided a hatch date via email and/or text message, the delivery or pick-up date can be scheduled. 


 An initial deposit will be required once the information provided below is confirmed via e-mail (please check your spam folder if email is not received within 48 hours of submitting order form).  This deposit is due upon order confirmation, and the amount will depend on number of chicks ordered (see below). Once paid, this amount will be subtracted from the total cost, the remaining of which is due at time of pick-up or delivery.


If you cancel your order after incubation has been initiated, this initial deposit is NOT refundable. However, if the hatch is smaller than expected or unsuccessful for any reason, you will have the option of either canceling your order with deposit fully refunded, accepting the smaller hatch, or rescheduling for a later hatch.

Bulk Chick Order Form

Straight-run chicks - $2 each 

Initial deposit amount per # of chicks:

20 to 40 chicks - $20 deposit

50 to 70 chicks - $40 deposit 

80 to 100 chicks - $60 deposit

110 to 130 chicks - $80 deposit

140 to 160 chicks - $100 deposit

170 to 200 chicks - $140 deposit 

Order received! Thank you!

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