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Gallus gallus domesticus 
C3's polymorphic "desert fowl"

(non-standardized varieties)

Straight-run hatchlings (up to 3-wks-old)

$3 each (fewer than 10 chicks)

$2 each (10+ chicks)

Chicks/Juveniles (3 to 7-wks-old)

$5 each - straight-run & cockerels

$10 each - pullets (70-90% possibility*)

Juveniles (7 to 16-wks-old)

$10 each - straight-run & cockerels

$20-$30 each - pullets (75-99% possibility*)

Chickens (4-months+)

$30-$40 each - mature hens

$15 each - mature roosters

(Maximum of 8 mature birds per transaction)

Hatching eggs

Assortment of blue, green, brown, beige, pink, & white/off-white

Six for $10; Twelve for $20

(you'll always get at least three extra!)

Submit form

or text to 602-828-7133

Reserve your own hatch of 20+ chicks ($2 each)

See details and place order

*Pullets (female chicks/juveniles) are never guaranteed until maturity. "70-90% possibility" is a judgement, or level of certainty, based on developing physical characteristics (or lack thereof) that typically discern cockerels from pullets. Due to risk of harm, chicks hatched here are never vented (sexed by way of exposing their genitalia), which would be the only completely successful method to sex them. 



All fowl beyond 4-months-old are free-range and therefore need to be collected, while roosting, the night prior to the established pick-up day; Pick-up therefore needs to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. If interested in a mature bird, please text or submit form at least 48 hours in advance of desired pick-up time to schedule pick-up or delivery.


Can't have a rooster due to residential regulations, or for any reason, but wish to help support our population of unwanted cockerels? 

Check out our virtual foster program!

For bird photos and hatchery updates, please visit / follow our Facebook page


Genetic Origins

All chicks hatched here are NON-STANDARDIZED varieties of Gallus gallus domesticus (domestic chicken, descendants of the wild jungle fowl). But, for those curious about the population of standard or "pure-bred" chickens that started it all several generations ago here at the hatchery, these are listed below.


Keep in mind, these "brand-name-breeds" so-to-speak, don't mean much after so many generations of naturally selective mixing, so chickens hatched here may carry some surviving traits of these standardized breeds, but they should be set apart and viewed as their own diverse variety. For the intended purpose of genetic diversity and health, birds hatched here are not artificially or selectively bred for single desirable traits, and thus cannot be recognized by the American Poultry Association in the American Standard of Perfection. However, for those of you in need of a "breed" name, you can call our chickens "C3's polymorphic desert fowl".  Read more about this hatchery's focus.


And for those of you fixated on standardized breeds, the following started our population of "desert fowl" in 2017-2018 (multiple generations ago in chicken-speak):

Plymouth Barred Rock, Blue Andalusian, White Leghorn, Cream Crested Legbar, Speckled Sussex, Black Star, Blue d'uccle, Buff Orpington, Egyptian Fayoumis, Rhode Island Red, White-Faced Black Spanish, Silver Ameraucana, Red Jungle Fowl

Submit form or text to 602-828-7133 to schedule pick-up!

Hatchery is NOT open to the general public; Pick-ups MUST be scheduled in advance.

Local delivery available - see Contact page for details.

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