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Virtually Foster a Roo!

Please help support the roosters and cockerels here at the hatchery.


The males of our flocks are often last selected due to a variety of reasons, such as residential/zoning regulations (no crowing roosters allowed!), rooster temperament (troublesome testosterone levels), perceived uselessness (no tasty eggs), etc. Largely unwanted, they sadly remain here at the hatchery until finally chosen by either human or nature.  We never cull (euthanize) birds for the purpose of population reduction, so we often end up with a disproportionate male to female ratio. Providing our numerous males with the comfortably spacious and stress-free environment they deserve, while also trying to protect the females from an expansive population of virile cockerels, is a costly endeavor (in terms of both labor and monetary expense). 


Thus, it is our hope that this program will help provide the hatchery with some means to make housing modifications intended to improve conditions for both the tragically undesirables (unwanted roosters) and the hens that might suffer from their numbers, and to also consistently support the male population.


If interested, please select one of the contribution amounts below.  If the foster parent's contact info differs from the payer's info, please also submit the form at the bottom of this page so that the correct person is sure to get their bird's photos and messages!  And please save as an email contact so that our messages do not end up in your SPAM folder.

Send a dollar amount of $5 - $20. With this payment, we'll email you a photo of a cockerel you're helping to support, and a personalized message of gratitude from him.  

Wish to contribute an alternative amount?

Please fill out the form below and type the dollar amount of your choice in its designated field

If you return and make any routine contribution of $5 or more (you can make it a monthly contribution, or even a yearly one), you will receive a new, updated letter from your cockerel each time, and if you write back to him once or twice, he will respond to you personally! There will be no automatic charge for a routine contribution. You can contribute or NOT contribute at any time.

Virtual Foster Parent Info

If you wish to contribute a custom dollar amount, please fill out the following field(s)

If you wish to contribute more than $20 (or any other amount not provided as an option above), please include that amount here, and we will email you an invoice.

This is the email to which the invoice will be delivered.

Thank you!

Please save OWNER-C3@GALLINACEOUSHATCHERY.COM as an email contact so our messages do not end up in your SPAM folder

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