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Heritage poults:

Up to 2-wks-old - 6 poults for $80*

2 to 4-weeks-old - $15 each

4 to 8-weeks-old - $20 each


Juvenile/Adult Heritage Turkeys:

2 to 4-months-old - $30 each

4 to 6-months-old - $40 each

6 to 9-months-old - $60 each

9+ months-old - $75 each

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or TEXT to 602-828-7133


*Purchase minimums:

Six poults on those under 2-weeks-old

Four poults on those between 2 and 4 weeks old

Three poults on those between 4 and 8 weeks old

The purchase of at least two juvenile/mature turkeys is ALWAYS recommended, as these are social animals and do better in a new environment when kept with familiar flock mates. 

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STRUTTING their stuff at ASU!

Toms hatched here at the hatchery April - June 2021 

were away from the hatchery Jan-March 2022 and again Jan-March 2023, proudly contributing to the animal sciences and behavioral ecology research at Arizona State University under the temporary care and observation of behavioral ecologists, Dr. Alexis Y. Dollion and Dr. Kevin McGraw.  Dr. Dollion lead a small research team (the "Turkey Team"), in studying rapid color change in the caruncles of Meleagris Gallopavo (wild and heritage turkeys): The RACCHIT Project. 

The study should be published soon. If possible, we will provide a link to the research paper  

Genetic Origins

All poults hatched here are NON-STANDARDIZED varieties of Meleagris gallopavo domesticus (domestic turkey, descendants of a southern Mexican subspecies of the wild turkey). But, for those curious about the population of standard or "pure-bred" turkeys that started it all several generations ago here at the hatchery, these are listed below.


Keep in mind, these "brand-name-breeds" so-to-speak, don't mean much after so many generations of naturally selective mixing, so turkeys hatched here may carry some surviving traits of these standardized breeds, but they should be set apart and viewed as their own diverse variety. For the intended purpose of genetic diversity and health, birds hatched here are not artificially or selectively bred for single desirable traits, and thus cannot be recognized by the American Poultry Association in the American Standard of Perfection.  Read more about this hatchery's focus.


And for those of you fixated on standardized breeds, the following started our population of "desert fowl" in 2017-2018 (multiple generations ago in fowl-speak): Black Spanish, Royal Palm, Standard Bronze, Narragansett, White Holland, Blue Slate, and Chocolate.


Submit form or text to 602-828-7133 to schedule pick-up!

Hatchery is NOT open to the general public; Pick-ups MUST be scheduled in advance.

Local delivery available - see Contact page for details.

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