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Poultry Ranch Hand
Job Details (part-time)


Small poultry hatchery operation in Tonopah is seeking a reliable individual for part-time work (2+ days per week) with stretches (possibly once every month or two) of back-to-back days (potential split shifts) possibly up to two full weeks. Details below.

 This is an outdoor job in a desert that reaches above 110 degrees. Interested applicants must be able to tolerate extreme temperatures and should not suffer from any critter phobias, considering you will likely encounter reptiles, insects, and arachnids on the property, which you will not be permitted to harm.


  • 2+ days a week: Specific days are negotiable to suit worker’s needs, while also meeting the owner’s weekly needs. 

  • Two to five hours per day (specific hours will be assigned each month). But, 2 to 3 hours in the evening is typical. 

    • Morning hours:

      • Minimum 2-hour day during summer months: Start at 8:30am in Aug-Sept

      • Not required regularly during cooler months, but owner will assign morning hours on days assistance is needed for projects. 

    • Evening hours (changes based on sunset time): 

      • Minimum 2-hour day: Start at 3:00, 3:30, or 4:00pm in Aug-Sept

      • Shift ends once day’s duties are completed (before or by sunset)

  • $80/day for 2 to 3-hour days; $100/day for 4 to 5-hr days - payment provided every two weeks.


There will be stretches of time the owner will be away from the hatchery and will need worker to be available to take care of the animals during this time. Frequency of these assigned hours will range, but will start out being once every four to eight weeks. Under normal circumstances, worker will be advised at least two weeks in advance the back-to-back dates required to work. 

The duration will vary, could be only three back-to-back days or it could be two full weeks. Hours are NOT flexible during this time.

  • At least one hour required in morning. (2+ hours required during summer months)

  • 2+ hours required in evening starting at least two hours before sunset.

  • Shift ends when duties are completed.

Days may be divided (and/or morning and evening hours alternated) between employees. For example, if needed for six back-to-back days: one individual might be responsible for morning hours, while the other is responsible for evening hours; or one might be responsible for morning AND evening hours on three of the six days, while the other is responsible for morning and evening hours on the other three days; or a combination of these. But, both individuals should plan to have all back-to-back days (during which owner will be away) available in case of emergency need (Eg. if one individual doesn’t/can’t show up for their shift). The birds’ lives will depend on it!

PAYMENT for up to ten (10) back-to-back days:

  • Payment for morning shift during triple-digit temperature months: $70/day

  • Payment for morning shift during cooler months: $50/day

  • Payment for evening shift: $70/day 


The average you can expect to make will be between $600 and $1000 per month.


DUTIES include, but are not limited to:

Regular tasks required DAILY: 

  • Clean out and refill poultry water containers 

  • Feed poultry

  • Water all trees 

  • Collect eggs 

Tasks required AS-NEEDED (will be assigned as needed by employer, some of which will be required once or twice a week, and are subject to change in frequency and extensiveness):

  • Fix tree wells 

  • Re-erect leaning/falling trees

  • Rotate chicks and clean out corrals in nursery 

  • Clean out bird kennels/pens 

  • Clean out poultry house

  • Move/rotate birds

  • Make improvements (via shading and enrichment) or repairs to poultry house/enclosures/structures

  • Make supply runs (when owner or owner’s spouse is unable to)

  • Assist with assembling new enclosures/ poultry structures

  • Assist with possible medical application

  • Clear off and power-wash decks

  • Candle eggs 

  • Wipe down/sanitize hatch equipment (hatch tray, egg trays, incubator, etc.)

  • ETC....

Start date: August 25th- 28th 

The earliest you may be needed for "Additional" hours: September 1st – 5th. 

ABSOLUTELY will be needed for at least four back-to-back days September 18th or 19th THRU Sept. 21st or 22nd.


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